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  • MEP Design Engineering Services

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Utility and water system

  • Commercial domestic water and hot water system

  • Central domestic water heating plant design

  • High purity gas system

Water Treatment System

  • Reverse Osmosis And Ultra Violet System

  • Strong water temperature system

  • Deionized water system

Sewerage Waste Disposal System

  • Commercial waste and vent system

  • Acid neutralizing pre treatment system

  • Sump pump surge ejector/lifting station design

  • Grease west system

  • Multi story car parking system

Piping, Plumbing and vacuum system

  • Commercial plumbing system design

  • Compressed Air equipment

  • Natural gas piping system

  • High prosper process piping system

  • Vacuum system

Medical and Health care facility solution

  • Medical gas system for hospital and clinic

  • Veterinarian clinic plumbing and gas system

  • Correctional facility plumbing design