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HVAC (Air conditioning System)

It is an acronym for "heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. There is a lot that falls under the umbrella of HVAC, and it's time that homeowners got the 411. Essentially, anything regarding the home's airflow and air quality is summed up with this term. HVAC professionals do more than just repair things.

HVAC (Air conditioning System)

  • Heating adding thermal Energy.

  • Cooling removing Thermal Energy.

  • Humidifying Adding Moisture.

  • De-humidifying Removing Moisture.

  • Cooling & Heating Both option (comfort felling)

  • Ventilation;- Diluting gaseous Contaminants.

  • Air Movement Circulating &Mixing Air for proper Ventilation & Thermal Energy Transfer.

  • Energy Saving.

  • BMS – Operation all Equipment

Commercial Service

  • Chilled Water System

  • District Cooling System

  • Central plant heating and pulling system

  • Retail Constant Air volume system

  • Lab exhaust fan system

  • Computer in rack AC system

Residential Service

  • Indivisual quantum system

  • Integrated piping system

  • Heat pump system

  • Individual air conditioning System ( Split/Ducted Split/Cassettes & Ceilling suspended)

Commercial and Residential Service

  • Temperature control system

  • Geo thermal system

  • Snow melt system

  • Radiant in floor heating system