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Garbage Chute System

A garbage chute system is a long vertical space passing by each floor in a building. It includes a door on each floor where residents can dispose of their garbage into the chute. This door is usually contained in a small room on each floor. Garbage placed in the chute drops to a compactor or dumpster at the bottom.

There are two different types of chutes that can be used on a construction site, short chutes and large chute.Garbage Chute Etiquette

  • Loose items should not be disposed of in a chute. Items should be bagged and securely tied.

  • Large bags, those that don’t easily fit through the door, should not be placed in a chute. These should be taken to the main trash room for the building.

  • Items should not be left in the chute room, either on the floor or inside the chute door. Items placed in the chute door should be pushed through the opening so they drop down the chute.

  • Avoid placing large items such as Christmas trees or unbound corrugated boxes in a chute. Large items block a chute and prevent it from being used until the blockage is cleared.

  • Burning cigarettes, cigars or flammable items should not be placed in a chute system.

  • Items should not be placed in a chute during evening hours – typically 10 pm to 8 am – to avoid disturbing residents.