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Installation of an LPG system in your car allows you to save up to 50%* on fuel costs. Moreover, LPG is a clean energy source because it contains no fine particulate and cuts CO2 emissions, one of the principal causes of air pollution in cities, by 10%.

Conventional LPG distribution system, consumer has to call up the distributor, book refills and stay at home to receive gas. But in LPG Piped Gas System/LPG Reticulate System, consumer gets 24 hours gas supply at the turn of tap. More households will prefer the system as it offers convenience in terms of space. Piped cooking gas supply to households is the latest value-addition being offered by reputed builders in the city.

Features of LPG Piped Gas

  • 24 hours gas supply at the turn of tap

  • No holiday for Gas supply

  • Gas meter for recording on actual consumption

  • Pay after use

  • No entry to delivery boy

  • Uninterrupted gas supply

  • Centralized Distribution System to supply gas to each and every Kitchen through a network of safe piping

  • Pipe line systems with pressure regulation and safety devices

  • No cylinder in the kitchen or inside the flat.

  • No waiting list for new connection or refill.

  • No entry to delivery boy inside the house.

  • Safe for kids as safety mechanism available against leakage

  • Only low pressure gas for total safety

  • Most suitable for working couples, since they will not have the hassle of making arrangement for receipt of the cylinder in their absence

  • Comfort and effortless operation

  • Gas meter for recording on actual consumption.

  • The payment is to be made after use like electricity or water bill.